How To Learn CNC Programming And Become A CNC Programmer

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems use a computer language called G-Code to program dedicated CNC machines to create precision products from raw materials. Qualified CNC programmers who are proficient in G-Code and CNC machine operation are in demand in many industries. If you would like to learn CNC programming, you can acquire the skills that you need as follows:

Video Tutorials:  You can research the basics of CNC programming and design by watching video tutorials online. These tutorials document many phases of CNC programming and manufacturing. Watching these videos can give you an understanding of CNC programming and processes to help you to decide if these are skills that you would like to learn.

University and College Courses:  To become a CNC programmer, you can enroll in a series of courses at a college and/or university and earn an Associate Degree in CNC Programming. Some of the courses that you can take at a university and/or college to earn this degree include:

  • G-Code Programming:  This class can teach you to read, write, and master G-Code. With this language, you can program and control all aspects of CNC machines. This course can also teach you how to write your own G-code to program CNC machines to create new products that you design.
  • CNC Machine Courses:  All CNC machines are specific to the industry where they are used. CNC machines can position raw materials so that they can be cut, formed, refined, and finished to exact sizes, tolerances, and specifications. These services can be of use in the medical, automotive, aviation, electronic, and manufacturing industries.

CNC Apprenticeships:  Once you graduate with a degree in CNC programming, you can submit your portfolio to a CNC design company and/or machine shop to work as an apprentice. If accepted, you can set up, program, and control CNC machines. You can also be asked to establish quality and safety controls, update production records, and maintain equipment and production supplies. This apprenticeship can provide hands-on experience and knowledge in a specific industry that is not taught in a college or university.

Continuing CNC Education:  As computer technology advances, CNC programming and production is continually improved and expanded. After working in the CNC industry for a while, you can enroll in updated CNC courses to advance your knowledge and bring new insights to your CNC job and career.  

CNC programming is a cutting-edge skill that has no limits. If you become a CNC programmer and keep your skills up to date, you can have a personally satisfying job, advance within a company, and become a valued member of a company team. This is an ideal situation for anyone working in a creative industry.

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