Ways College Students Can Contribute to a Nonprofit Children Wish Organization

As people learn and grow, they learn just how lucky they are. It can inspire people to give back to the less fortunate, such as children fighting terminal illnesses. Nonprofit opportunities give people the chance to make a difference in the life of a sick child. Learn more about how college students can contribute to a nonprofit children's wish organization

Stream for the Wishes

Gamers can turn their hobby into charity with Stream For The Wishes. While gamers play their child-friendly favorite games live, they can promote a nonprofit children's wish foundation. The more popular the streamer, the more successful the campaign will be. Gamers should promote the fundraiser to their followers and follow the rules associated with the program (no swearing or crude language). Streamers can continue to earn money for their favorite organization every time they play. 

Walk for Wishes®

Students can organize or find an existing walkathon in the area to earn money for a nonprofit sick children's wish organization through a program known as Walk for Wishes®. Participants pay a registration fee, which covers the cost of the event and goes toward the charity. Additionally, participants can get sponsors to donate for every mile they walk. Volunteers can promote the event at a school to get more participants, donors, and funds. 

Wish Heroes 

Wish Heroes offers people who have a personal connection to the charity the opportunity to tell their story in hopes of generating additional support in the local community. Wish Heroes record their stories, which can then be used for promotion. Effective campaigns highlight how the organization has made a difference in their lives, either as a recipient as a child or as a family member of a child who received a wish. 

School & Youth Fundraising

It's never too early to learn about philanthropy. Children may also want to get involved if a classmate or family member benefits from the event. Many charities work with elementary schools and middle schools to get youth involved. College students with an emphasis on child development or education can learn how to interact with children at a school event outside of the classroom, and it looks great on a resume/transcript. 

A child fighting a serious illness suffers both physically and emotionally. Sadly, in many cases, the child won't make it to adulthood in order to experience a lifetime of experiences. But through nonprofit efforts, it is possible to make childhood a little more pleasant for a terminal adolescent. 

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As people learn and grow, they learn just how lucky they are. It can inspire people to give back to the less fortunate, such as children fighting term

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