3 Fun Ways To Keep Your Preschool Class Active When Its Too Cold Outside

Preschool aged children have a lot of energy, and that energy doesn't just disappear because it is freezing outside. One of the downsides of winter is that with the wind chill, it is often not warm enough to take your preschool class outside or take them outside for enough time for them to get all of their energy out. When you are stuck inside with your preschool class, it is important that you still allow your students to get their energy out.

Guided Yoga

One activity that can be really fun to do with preschool age students is guided children's yoga. You can find a lot of videos on the internet, as well as purchase DVDs, that are specifically aimed at yoga for children. These great yoga instructors do not put children through all the yoga moves that you might associate with one of your yoga classes.

Instead, they use basic yoga moves as well as other movements to take children on a journey. They often have themes to them. There are yoga instructors that will take your students through a journey in space, a walk in the jungle or allow them to recreate their favorite movie through movement. These guided yoga videos are aimed at providing your students with an experience as well as lots of exercise.


Another fun activity to do with your students is guided Zumba for kids. Once again, you can find lots of videos and DVDs online that is targeted at Zumba for kids. With kid's Zumba, child friendly music is used for the dance moves. It may be popular music from their favorite child's television show, or music that is created especially for children. Instrumental music with a solid beat is also commonly used in kid's Zumba videos.

Zumba is a form of dance and exercise. It will incorporate moves that will get all of your students moving, no matter their dance skills or level.

Dance Party

Finally, there is always a classic dance party. All of your student's movements and actions during the day should not be structured. That is part of why outside play time is so great; it gives students a chance to do things at their own pace in a safe environment that is not overly structured.

A dance party is a great way to provide your students with a little less structured way to express themselves. Put on a few of your student's favorite songs, set a few ground rules for safety, such as keeping your hands and feet to yourself, and let your students dance their little hearts out!

Just because you can't go outside doesn't mean that your students can't get moving! When you end up stuck inside this winter, pull up a kid's yoga or Zumba video or two for your class to do, and then let your kids get out their more expressive side with a short dance party to wrap everything up at the end. 

For more tips on keeping preschoolers active in the winter, reach out to educators like Jumpin Jax Kids.

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